The Fitting Innovation

Science and art have come together in the PXIII™ fitting system.  The PXIII™ fitting system is the only fitting solution that is able to identify the correct weight of each club component (the Leverage Profile™ specifications) and balance that club for each golfer based on strength and game characteristics.

Now this revolutionary fitting system is available in an intuitive, on-line application that will not only make fitting more accurate and effective, but quicker and easier. The PXIII™ fitting system is available from certified PGA Professionals trained in custom golf club fitting.

Our web-based subscription Pro-Fit PXIII(TM) fitting software takes the fitter step by step through the approximate 30 minute process, to a comparison chart showing the ideal specifications for the player’s current set make-up, and compares that to their current 6 iron specs (and any other current club that is entered into the system).  From there, the test club can be assembled and fine-tuned if desired, and then locked in as the PXIII Final Spec, which then is used as the baseline specifications for the entire set.  This uniquely includes the club’s Leverage Profile(TM), which no one else accurately measures.  Our PXIII technology looks collectively at Club Length, Club Total Weight, and Weight Distribution of the club components.  Through these 3 parameters, we accurately identify the club’s Leverage Profile(TM), how the club leverages against the player.  This allows our system to not only assign the best set of performance-based specifications, but also enables very accurate inter-set matching of clubs in the player’s set, which is a must for on-course consistency.  This is currently attempted through trial and error test-hitting, including OEM fitters.