Pros, your reputation is at stake. Each time you custom-fit a golfer they expect to see results on the score card…results you can now deliver with the PXIII.

Science and art have come together in the PXIII web-based club-fitting solution from Pro-Fit. PXIII is the only club-fitting solution that is able to identify the correct weight of each club component (leverage profile) and balance that club for each golfer based on strength and game characteristics.

PXIII is built on three pillars — the dead weight, the swing weight and the club length.  The industry only uses two: swing weight, which is no longer a relevant technology, and length. The industry knows swing weight is not accurate but they have no other method— other than trial and error — to try to fit accurately. When these three pillars are considered, you can create custom-fit clubs that deliver results. No one else in the industry looks at these three pillars collectively.

And now this revolutionary fitting system is available to pros in an intuitive, on-line application that will not only make fitting more accurate and effective, but easier. Pros, you may not even need a fitting cart — just a few basic measurement tools and access to a computer, tablet or smart phone. The minimal tools required and the pricing structure of PXIII will make your fitting business a profit generator.

The PXIII system is available for a limited time for just $995. This includes:
• Unlimited access to the patented PXIII on-line fitting system
• Support from pros who are experts in fitting and in the PXIII system
• Wall-mounted ruler (may not offer this)
• Grip strength tester
• Signage and marketing materials

The annual upgrade fee will keep your system current with the latest OEM club offerings. Additional required equipment not provided: computer, laptop or tablet, a lie angle board, swing weight scale and launch monitor.

Contact us to order PXIII for your shop today.