The patented fitting solution that:
• blends swing and strength characteristics
• creates your unique Leverage Profile™
• produces precise inter-set club matching.

Purchasing golf equipment is an expensive proposition and should not be left to chance.  The PXIII fitting technology can provide you the confidence that you are acquiring the best possible clubs that will help you perform to the best of your ability.  

PXIII also provides accurate Leverage Matching of all clubs within the player’s set which is a must to achieve maximum on-course consistency.  Golf is a one-shot game, in that a differently configured club is used on nearly every subsequent shot so they must be coordinated so they swing similarly.

Let the experienced PGA Professionals at Pro-Fit guide you through the process of purchasing new competitively priced golf equipment with either the new PXIII Fast Fit online option or the renowned onsite PXIII Full Fitting experience.

The Pro-Fit PXIII Fitting Advantage

PXIII Leverage Profile™

Player body-type, physical strength, and golf swing characteristics are matched to club length, total weight, club balance, and flex patterns of the shaft to create the player’s unique Leverage Profile™.

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Patented Set Matching

The PXIII software uses patented technology and complex algorithms to Leverage Match each club in a player’s set for greater on-course consistency.

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PXIII Club Specifications from any Manufacturer

A PXIII Fitting Can Improve Your Game

Invest in Your Game

Today’s high-tech golf equipment offers unlimited combinations of specifications to better suit your game. Don’t waste money and sacrifice performance by guessing which clubs are right for you.

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Choose Your Fit

Pro-Fit now offers different fitting options to accommodate your needs.

  • PXIII Fast Fitonline uses proprietary technology to streamline the fitting process into simply answering a few questions and identifying your club set make-up.

PXIII offers two different on-site options, which are performed on grass here at the Fairways at Lincoln golf facility: 

  • PXIII Single Club Match – on-site allows for an expedited process of Leverage-Matching a club(s) to an existing iron set. Player’s current 7 iron is analyzed and the target club(s) is set up and demoed.
  • PXIII Full Fitting and Game Analysis – on-site includes player and current-set analysis, with test-club demoing.

Pro-Fit also provides full-service club repair as well as retro-fitting of existing clubs including Leverage Matching all clubs in a set.

PXIII Fast Fit

$ 30
  • Online
  • Full-set specs
  • 5 minute, 8-step, online fitting
  • $30 paid online

PXIII Single Club Match

$ 75
  • On-site
  • On grass
  • Ball Flight/Launch Monitor analysis
  • Single club match
  • 7-iron Analysis
  • Selected club testing
  • 30 minute onsite fitting
  • $75 paid onsite

PXIII Full Fitting

$ 110
  • On-site
  • On grass
  • Ball Flight/Launch Monitor analysis
  • Full set matching
  • Game assessment
  • Full-set specs
  • Retrofitting current set
  • 60-90 minute onsite fitting
  • $110 paid onsite
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