It Might Not Be Your Fault

Do you hit bad shots and have those days when you just can’t put it all together on the course?

Certainly.  We all have those days. But take comfort in the fact that much of your lack of performance may be because of your equipment.  

…take comfort in the fact that much of your lack of performance may be because of your equipment.  

While manufacturers have invested billions of dollars in creating today’s high-performance golf clubs, the necessary fitting technology has not kept pace. With the vast array of materials currently used in club manufacturing and built-in consumer adjustability, extreme demands have been placed on the fitting community.

The process of assigning the best possible set of club specifications for the player, and getting every club in the bag matched up so they swing the same, has become vital for peak performance and on-course consistency. Unfortunately, most of the fitting processes used today involve considerable trial and error test hitting. While this may eventually lead to a better feeling club, the player may still not be performing to their potential.  And without accurate inter-set Leverage Matching of all clubs in the set, on-course consistency will suffer greatly.

Golf is a one-shot sport in that almost always, a differently configured club is used on each subsequent shot except for putting. Because of this, all clubs in a player’s set must be coordinated not only by shaft flex but by club weight and balance. The physics of swinging a golf club produces centrifugal forces that increase the weight of a club by 10 to 20 times depending on swing speed.

Even a mismatch of 2 grams of head weight (1 swing weight), results in a mismatch of 10 to 20 swing weights through the impact zone!

This difference results in a difference in club resistance and player reaction and will result in some level of mishit. We’ve all dropped another ball after a mishit shot and hit again out of frustration. The Mulligan will almost always be a better shot because the player starts trying to adjust to the club after just one shot.  Unfortunately, we don’t have this opportunity when playing golf for score.

Pro-Fit’s patented PXIII fitting technology was created to solve these performance problems accurately and efficiently.

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