Introducing PXIII Fast Fit online

PXIII Fit-Fast – online uses proprietary technology to streamline the fitting process into simply answering a few questions and identifying your club set make-up. Don’t think this easy to fill out form oversimplifies what we do. This form has evolved from over 20 years of work and refinement and is a combination of math, physics, and common sense. Our system takes your information and plugs it into our complex algorithms to produce specifications for every club in your bag, from driver through your wedges.

Purchasing golf equipment is an expensive proposition and should not be left to chance.  The PXIII fitting technology can provide you the confidence that you are acquiring the best possible clubs that will help you perform to the best of your ability.  

PXIII also provides accurate Leverage Matching of all clubs within the player’s set which is a must to achieve maximum on-course consistency.  Golf is a one-shot game, in that a differently configured club is used on nearly every subsequent shot so they must be coordinated so they swing similarly.

Let the experienced PGA Professionals at Pro-Fit guide you through the process of purchasing new competitively priced golf equipment with either the new PXIII Fast-Fit online option or the renowned onsite PXIII PRO fitting experience.

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