PXIII Leverage Profile™

The PXIII technology revolutionizes the 1920’s concept of “swing weight” into a comprehensive analysis of player characteristics and golf club specifications. Body-type, physical strength, and the player’s golf swing are matched to club length, total weight, club balance, and flex patterns of the shaft to create the player’s Leverage Profile™.  

How a club feels to the player and the resistance it provides causes an all-important instinctive reaction by the player. Because of the increased forces produced by swinging a club, properly assigned club weighting and balance are crucial to consistent performance. Golfers are quick to accept the blame for bad shots and inconsistent play.  However, oftentimes they are trying to support a club that is not compatible with them or their swing. PXIII helps take this uncertainty away and allows the player to build more confidence, which is crucial to a higher level of performance and more satisfaction out of the game.

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